How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads for Faster Results

If you’re totally new to Facebook, get started with this Facebook Marketing Guide first. Then return for a deeper dive into marketing. In this comprehensive Facebook marketing guide, you’ll learn exactly what companies are the best fit to run effective campaigns on Facebook and how to do that effectively. This guide has many pages including: How to Choose a Business for Facebook Advertising, Researching Potential Customers for Facebook Ads, and Finding Products to Sell through Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Guide – Part 2 of 2 – targeting your brand or company brand. In this second part of our two-part Facebook advertising tutorial, we will dig into how to choose a business for your Facebook ads, what to include in your ad, and how to track your ROI. The objective of this part is to learn how to effectively target your target audience so you can maximize the amount of times your ads are displayed versus the number of clicks your ads get. In this part, we will also discuss how to increase your conversions (or sales) by using certain keywords in your ads as well as how to track your click-through rate.

How To Choose a Business for Facebook Ads – In the first part of this two-part Facebook advertising tutorial, we learned about choosing a business to run your ads, what to include in your ads, and how to track your campaign results. Now it’s time to drill down even more! In this second part, we will discuss exactly what keywords to use in your ads. We’ll also discuss how important it is to target your customers’ search patterns to make sure the words in your ads are ones your customers will actually use when they click your ads.

Which Ads Work Best? – We discussed how important it was to choose a business you care about in the first part of this article. In this second part, we will dig even deeper into that concept and learn how choosing a business is one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to running Facebook ads. What makes a business “careful” or “worthy” of a retargeting campaign? Is it how many employees there are, how popular is the brand or perhaps more importantly, is the company profitable? All of these things can help determine whether or not a business is worth retargeting on, and if they are profitable enough, why not offer your customers the chance to sign up for your newsletter instead? In a few cases, this will work best, but in most cases, it may not.

How Important Is Stock Photos in Facebook Ads? – One thing that many marketers forget while optimizing their ads is the value of good stock photos in Facebook ads. There are many different elements that make up a great Facebook ad text ad, and none of them should be overlooked. It should be easy for your consumers to read the small print, and it should visually captivate them. The stock photos should be high quality and a reasonable size for your target demographic.

Will People Get Clicks From My Landing Page? – When I was running my own paid advertising campaigns, I made sure that every placement of my ad matched with the lead that I had captured through my landing page. I did this by creating highly relevant landing pages that had low open rates, and high click-through rates. This is very important, because most people will not make a click on an ad unless they can tell what it is and what it’s for. Your landing page is where your audience’s work best to find out more about the products and services that you are offering, and using the appropriate words and images to match your audience makes it easy for your consumers to understand what your website is all about.

Will People Click on My Ads With Different Text Ads? – Another question that many marketers fail to ask of themselves when optimizing their Facebook ads is whether or not their text ads are going to trigger more clicks than their image counterparts. The problem with this assumption is that the quality of the click is much more in line with the quality of the conversion. In other words, if your image ad is of high quality and your target market can tell what it is quickly and easily, they are much more likely to click through and buy than if your text ad with poor spelling and grammar has absolutely nothing appealing to them at all. I recommend using good stock photos whenever possible, but if you absolutely have to use photos you need to put your target market into the equation and specify that they can click on the ad if they want to.

What Are My Lookalike Audience? – Finally, in order to maximize your Facebook ads, you have to know who your target audience is. Using retargeting techniques to target people who have previously shown interest in your niche and products will give your business a huge advantage over your competitors, and allow you to create new lookalike audiences on a daily basis.